VANCOUVER, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nautilus, Inc. (NYSE: NLS), a leader in innovative fitness equipment, continues to provide entertaining and motivating fitness solutions for the whole family with the introduction of the new retro-inspired Schwinn® Classic Cruiser™ exercise bike.

The Schwinn® Classic Cruiser™ exercise bike combines fitness and fun with modern technology to offer a retro-inspired workout experience. (Photo: Business Wire)

Designed for those looking to combine fitness and fun, the Schwinn Classic Cruiser bike offers a trip down memory lane through a fast and effective 20-minute workout, transporting users to a simpler time when your biggest concern was what baseball card to put in your wheel spoke or what color handlebar streamers to hang on your bike.
The Classic Cruiser bike is compatible with popular apps like Zwift™ and RideSocial™, so users can enjoy feelings of freedom as they pedal through scenic locations like the sun-drenched beaches of Venice or the lush Irish countryside with other cyclists from around the globe in a mixed-reality virtual world. With the official Schwinn Classic Cruiser app, users can focus on fun while the app monitors time, calories burned and distance. The free Schwinn Classic Cruiser app also has the ability to track your goals and unlock awards as you set new personal records. It also features a 14-minute interval workout, as well as timed and manual workout options.

“We are always looking to enhance our customer’s experience through innovative, stylish design, entertainment and the latest technology,” said Bill McMahon, Chief Operating Officer of Nautilus, Inc. “With the addition of the Schwinn Classic Cruiser, we’re delivering a sense of fun and freedom to our customers, while sticking to our core belief that everyone deserves a fit and healthy life.”

Take a trip down memory lane while burning calories with the whimsically designed Schwinn® Classic Cruiser™ exercise bike. (Photo: Business Wire)

Featuring a state-of-the-art electromagnetic flywheel with seven levels of resistance, Bluetooth® connectivity, USB port and an electronic speedometer, the Schwinn Classic Cruiser bike is fully up-to-date with modern capabilities, while maintaining a retro feel and whimsical charm.

A built-in media rack and classic, fully-adjustable saddle seat and handlebars offer Schwinn Classic Cruiser bike users a comfortable and customizable workout experience. An optional accessories kit, allows users to outfit their bike with retro charm and includes a Cruisin’ license plate, red and white handlebar streamers, a bicycle horn and water bottle plus holder.

The Schwinn Classic Cruiser bike is available online at for $799. The accessories kit is available for an additional $99. For more information, visit: