lendmyGears, a start-up company which is helping to make use of the millions of bikes sitting in peoples garages throughout Australia, as well as giving cycling business the opportunity to explore new streams of revenue and increase exposure in a competitive market, is just launching. lendmyGears solves the problem for new riders and travelling cyclists to find a ride in a location near them.

LendmyGears founder, Julian Reid is a cyclist who first saw the opportunity when looking for a new bike. “My idea was based on the fact when i first started riding after 20 years i didn’t really know what type of bike i wanted, and which one to get. After all, the last bike I’d really ridden was the Malvern Star with the gold seat when getting to school out at Ferntree Gully a long time ago! The options and opinions now are infinite as we all know. Very confusing for new riders. And i really didn’t have anyone to ride with initially so i had no-one to bounce ideas off. We believe that by sharing our platform with the vast cycling community, to share and make use of the millions of bikes sitting in sheds and garages across Australia, cyclists and businesses will have a new way to interact and prosper”.

lendmyGears in a nutshell:

  • Community based peer to peer bike sharing. The first in Australia
  • Community feel to find riding buddies (always free)
  • Community board for reporting stolen bikes (always free)
  • Similar model to Airbnb. Owner gets charged % of rental
  • Insurance up to $3000 included
  • Secure but easy rental and identification process
  • Free to list and join. Pay only if you rent out.
  • Great for new cyclists, travelling cyclists, those looking to upgrade or move disciplines (eg. Mountain to road).

Not just bike sharing

Julian goes on to say “Just as importantly as bike sharing we also want to be one of the hubs of our bike community, by giving riders the facility to report stolen bikes, and look for riding buddies. These will always be completely free services. We also have other items relating to bikes (eg: Bike Racks, Wheels) that can be shared.”

About lendmygears

The company consists of recreational cyclists and IT professionals that have participated in a number of the standard rides (Round the Bay, Kinglake, Otway classic, etc) and also briefly ‘dabbled’ in amateur Criterium racing. They thrive on hard work, a bit of creativity, and the spirit of the large bike riding community.

lendmyGears is seeking cyclists to list their rides, and rolling out to cycling business initially across Melbourne, and then the rest of Australia.