Mexxenger was designed with urban professionals and commuters in mind. It can be comfortably worn across the body during transit, or carried by handle en route to the office. Featuring a flat open organizer for quick access of smaller items, an isolated laptop sleeve, and over 15 compartments, it meets virtually all storage needs. Mexxenger has 3 interchangeable interiors—a waterproof lining for outdoor use or sweaty gym clothes, a padded camera insert to protect equipment and lenses, and a document insert to keep files organized.

“After launching a successful campaign for our connected backpack BackPAIX in summer 2016, we got lots of feedback from our customers that they wanted a functional messenger bag to be added to our collection,” said co-founder Kamil Lo. “Our customers are always on the move, so they requested a design with lots of compartments to hold their stuff and an element of customization that catered to their lifestyles.”

Mexxenger has an integrated wireless charging pad for Android and iPhone, in addition to USB charging functionality. The bag is compatible with the interchangeable PAIX Smart Badge System, which is controlled through the PAIX smartphone app. Badge functionality includes turn indication for cyclists, anti-theft alarm, clock, customizable emoji, media storage, a custom colored LED light, and a camera to shoot photos and video.


“At PAIX, we believe there’s always a better way to merge technology, functionality and lifestyle,” says co-founder Max Chang. “With our team of enthusiastic young professionals, we strive to give eco-conscious customers the best versatile and stylish gear.”

Mexxenger’s campaign will run from July 26 to September 23, 2017, with an estimated delivery date of November 2017. For more information on the pledge levels, visit the Kickstarter page.