The Peugeot Onyx concept is a supercar, and it also inspired a bicycle and scooter concept with similar color schemes. The copper-and-black trio made their official debut today at the Paris Motor Show, confounding photographers with its combination of flat black paint and shiny copper panels.
Peugeot Onyx concept front three quarter 2

The Onyx itself is a wild design with strakes, flares, and ripples all over its bodywork. A splash of shiny cooper covers the front fenders and doors, while the rear has a broad and wide decklid. The interior, too, is full of concept-car whimsy like a D-shaped steering wheel, carbon-fiber components, woven wool, and a bizarre translucent center console.

Powering the Onyx supercar is a hybrid drivetrain, sort of. A twin-turbo diesel V-8 engine sends 600 hp to the rear wheels by way of a six-speed sequential transmission, while a motor/generator and lithium-ion battery can provide an 80-hp boost for improved acceleration.

Nearby on the Peugeot stand is the Onyx Megatrike, also a hybrid that can travel up to 18 miles at 30 mph on electric power alone, before a 400-cc gasoline engine takes over propulsion duties. The gawky-looking scooter also has a splash of shiny copper over its flat-black bodywork, and its design is overall less outlandish than that of the Onyx supercar.

Internal combustion and electricity not your style? Peugeot also displayed its Onyx bicycle concept, a version of Peugeot Cycle’s top-tier racing bike. Almost every part of the aggressive, aerodynamically-focused racing bicycle is made from carbon fiber, and the front aero bars are sharply pointed to better cut through the air. No surprise on the color chart: it’s flat black, with a few splashes of shiny copper.

Ultimately, Peugeot probably won’t build the shiny Onyx concept, and it’s likely to remain an imaginative concept car. While Peugeot has previously built diesel-powered monster machines for the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race, the company pulled out of this year’s race due to financial constraints. Pity — we’d love to see and hear a race version of the Onyx barreling down the Mulsanne Straight.

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