It was  a lovely morning at Prescott Metro Inn, Kajang where all the 400 participants gather to prep themselves for the upcoming 420km ride.

Led by Chief Marshall in a Volkswagen EOS supported by Veemer Motor, one of the event sponsors

Backed by Main Sponsor – KH Cycle, and support from Veemer Motor and Thule South East Asia, PCC Interstate 2012 will bring the riders from Kajang to Johor within three days starting from 28th April onwards. Participants will take on the old trunk road with their two-wheelies, and for today, they will clock in a mileage of 120km on hilly terrains.

James Bak, Chief Marshall of PCC Interstate taking his stage

The first day saw challenging climbs and hard bending single lane roads especially in a 10-km stretch after passing Pertang on a connecting road to Batu Kikir. Jason from Australia flew-in a few days ago just to attend the PCC Interstate 2012 who unfortunately injured himself due to bike failure while cruising downhill about 5km away from Jelebu Town.

Jason injured

Volkswagen Support Car from Veemer Motor to the rescue; Mounting Jason's bike on the sponsored Thule bike carrier.

Most riders reported in with satisfaction and thumbs up for the tulips marking along the journey. Another cyclist added, “The planned road was great, challenging and suffering, all at the same time.”

Day 1 Group take

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