By mid-April, nearly 1,500 cyclists were already registered for the 9th edition of the Pearl Izumi 24 Hours Cycling of Le Mans, among which about ten nationalities and a hundred women come to compete in the « 100% Women » or « mixed team » categories. This year the pleasure and the sensations will certainly be doubled with the new cover of the Bugatti circuit done during this winter rest period. Appointment is made next August 26th and 27th on the Le Mans circuit!
This atypical team relay cyclosportive event is open to everybody! Due to the famous motor race endurance spirit on which it is built, you will find all features which make the 24 Hours of Le Mans worldwide reputation: the « Le Mans type » start, the team races, the pit stops or the all night long ride on a unique, secured and fully lit surrounding.All levels will be represented according to the chosen category: 2, 4, 6, and 8 cyclists by team and even single cyclist. No problem if the legs would fail as relays management is free. Unlike a classic race, bikers are allowed to come back to the pit at every lap having a total length of 4185 meters.

New in 2017: The participants will have the possibility to rent a trackside pit lounge and follow closely the entire race of their team! The lounge is ideal to both be able to welcome personal guests and sponsors or to enable racing cyclists to take a break between the two relays.
Every year, celebrities come to participate. The skier and pilot, Luc Alphand, should renew the experience with his « Lucho Team ». After spending 14 seasons among professionals, the young retired cyclist Anthony Geslin will again form a team with three of his friends. For the third time François Pervis is going to participate in the race. Bronze medallist on the Rio track last August, he is going to cycle for the S1Neo Team Connect, winner in 2015 and 2016 editions.
Many associations will also be represented, such as the project of Johan Langlais, BMX European Champion in 1986. He created the association “Tous avec” to help children with disabilities. Aged 7, Amber is suffering from a degenerative disease called spinal muscular atrophy. Every year since 2015 she comes with her parents and awaits the date of the race impatiently.
Eric Beugnot, former international of basketball (212 selections in French team), will also come to Le Mans. President of the association “Supra Chic Mecanics”, whose object is the cycling practice promotion, he will come accompanied with an Armenian team constituted by six girls having practically never cycled: “the bike is almost non-existent in Armenia, while a strong will emanates from a young population. Over there, there are only three bike stores for more than 3 million inhabitants! “.
For non-competitors, the week-end will begin with the traditional morning event called « La Matinale Le Maine Libre » (registration on the spot). This one hour ride on the Le Mans circuit allows bike sightseers, old and young, to share a relaxing interlude in a mythical environment, usually dedicated to motored vehicles.
Registrations are open until July 23rd on !

The Pearl Izumi 24 Hours Cycling of Le Mans (April 13th 2017)

Date 2017: 26th and 27th August
Price per person: from 120 € in an 8 members team to 300 € as a solo
334 teams registered: 58 solos, 35 duos, 87 teams of 4, 124 teams of 6 and 30 teams of 8
18 international teams: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, United-Kingdom and Switzerland
100% Women or Mixed teams: 20 (more than 91 women)
Bugatti Circuit: 2.600 miles – Uphill: 656 yd. from 3.5 % to 7 % – downhill: 1094 yd. at 2 %