NEW YORKSept. 4, 2017 /PR Newswire/ — On August 28, 2017, PESU E-bike, a bike with the world’s fastest power response time, officially launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

The PESU E-bike is a hybrid bicycle that is driven by both human and electric power. The power boost system installed in the middle of the bike body gives the rider a power assist, without affecting the balance of the bicycle body, creating an easy and dynamic riding experience.

PESU Monster (XC) with power feedback within only 10ms (PRNewsfoto/PESU)

The PESU E-bike comes equipped with a triple sensor which measures speed, torque and tapping, and provides the response in 10 milliseconds, the fastest in the world, while, at the same time, adjusting the motor’s power output.

With the crowdfunding effort, PESU launched two new models: Monster, a XC model, and Volador, an AM model.

  • Monster is designed for both off-road (forest paths) and on-road (paved surfaces) environments. The integrated battery compartment allows for battery removal from the side, and is equipped with a smart panel that provides easy switching between four power modes. Monster’s power boost is available in two versions: 250W and 350W.
  • Volador is a mountain bike equipped with the TTIUM Powerful PT power boost system with a rated power of 350W and a peak output power of 500W. Its 150mm of front fork suspension enables Volador to endure impact caused by terrains with big drops and steep slopes. An integrated battery compartment and a smart panel providing easy access to four power modes deliver a pioneering model reflecting the latest trends.

The crowdfunding campaign will remain in effect until September 28. For more information, please visit PESU Kickstarter’s main page at: