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Big basket and enjoyable saddle

As we all know, in Amsterdam – Bicycles rule the city. Bicycles are found at every corner of the city, and hence the invention of city bikes. Basket in the front and rear rack are now a standard for city bikes. The Sierra series from Polygon is produced to accomodate the needs of city people.

Overview and design

As I said before the main characteristic of a city bike is its front basket and rear rack. And yes, the Sierra AX has it all.
The dark blue shades and unique groove lines on the side makes this bike an eye candy.

With low top tubes, lady in a dress or skirt can cycle with ease. This design anticipates the needs of night riders – Equipped with big scotch light on the rear will help vehicles at the back spot your presence. Alongside green campaigns going all over the world, the front lights are powered by dynamo. So if you want to the lights lit – Just turn the switch on and it will lit as you bike starts to rolling.

Safety Equipment

If you like to ride your bike with long pants, don’t be afraid that your trousers will get stuck at the chain or get dirtied by the grease on the chain – All because, this bike comes with chain cover. The fenders of the bike protects the bike from water splashes.
Its 3 speed internal hub with drum brakes will help you brake efficiently. The saddle and grip is very soft. I would say that commuting with it gives you great pleasure! But remember some parts of this bike is still made from Hi-Ten Steel, so do keep in mind. (This is fine for most people, but if you actually do any EXTREME stuff with your bike, it’s not built for performance.)

Chain cover

The ride

I rode this bike for almost 6 months, using it as my main transportation from my house to my campus. The big basket carries my heavy books which I happily borrow from the library. At times I place my backpack in it.
The 1.5 slick tires help me get through the uneven road surface with much ease. Sometimes in my journey to campu I found myself “fly” over, as the internal hub stabilizes my weight on road.

The relaxed riding position comforts the spine as it is built for an upright cycling position. My girl-friends who love donning skirts often borrow this bike from me to ride along campus bikelanes too!

If you like to commute, or claim to be a commuter, you can count on this bike for relaxed and comfortable cycling.

The only thing I might need to remind you is that some part of this bike is made of iron, ie. Handlebar, Fork, etc.
My handlebar is starting to rust…

By Sonny Ardi