The Polygon UR Team opens its arms to embrace Trickstuff – a boutique cycling component manufacturer who boasts of its handmade products. Although small with limited production, Trickstuff’s brakes along with Galfer rotors and pads have reached a level of performance the riders had never seen before.

At the end of the 2016 season after having seen they won some test for the most powerful brakes, the team was curious about it and requested Trickstuff to ship over a set. From then on, superstar Mick Hannah chose them to ride at world champs in Val Di Sole.

The breaking power, the very little effort to do on the lever to break and the consistency are the key points that makes those brakes better.

This partnership will further the level of performance and redefine some details.
Klaus Liedler, Trickstuff CEO:
“At Trickstuff we are very proud that our brakes are chosen by Polygon UR one of the best teams in the world as we believe our precision engineered products are meant to race at the highest level.”
Located in  Freiburg, Germany the company’s workforce is six people, all are passionate riders, three of them are engineers. The main products are the brakes, The DIRETTISSIMA is the world’s most powerful brake, the PICCOLA is the lightweight world record holder. Every brake is handmade in the company’s workshop, according to the customer’s wishes and needs choosing between nine anodizing colours and two hose types.