The Glute Duabus:Oris, also known as Glute Two:face is the saddle that will take you places. This dual usage saddle will take rigorous trail riding while remaining light enough for competitive road racing.

The Glute Two:face saddle features high density foam for maximum support and minimal weight along with the cross:draft design which relieves pressures from sensitive areas while cooling the rider down significantly. Being built up in all areas, the two:face allows riders to have a variation of sitting areas during climbs, descents and cruising which further increases its versatility.

  • Weight: 239g. For Cross country, road and triathlon.
  • Bike Used: Lapierre Raid 500
  • Usage: Cross Country Trail Riding.

First Impression/ Look

About three weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to write a review for this saddle and have been riding daily on this saddle since. First impressions really caught my eye as the bold design and colours really stood out amongst the usual black saddles. I remained sceptical right till the moment I lifted the saddle and felt the weight of it. It wasn’t as heavy as normal saddles and it definitely was much lighter than most other saddles within the same price range.

Riding Experience

As for the performance of the saddle, it definitely is one of the most comfortable “race ready” saddles I’ve used yet. There is enough padding to help lessen and comfort light bumps and vibrations from trail riding, yet flexible enough to enable you to shift your weight around the saddle.

Performance/ Comfort

Key feature of this saddle is the cross draft zone. This area of the saddle was made very flexible to help ease pressure off the riders sensitive areas and to help improve on the blood circulation around that area too. This feature of the saddle really helps especially in long rides where a lot of pressure will be displaced at that point of the saddle.

The next key feature of this saddle that I would highlight is the nose of the saddle. It has been made to be flexible enough for the rider to shift his or her weight forward comfortably, especially during technical climbs where you will need to shift your weight around the saddle.


Overall, this saddle is one of the most comfortable, race-ready saddles I’ve used yet. At the price you pay for the Duabus:Oris, you get good value and comfort. However, at 239g, it is put in the middle of its class where it is not very light nor is it heavy either. Therefore weight weenies may say it is more than a hundred grams heavier than my saddle, and the people that seek comfort may say that this saddle does not have enough padding.

This saddle is good for mid level riders who seek weight reduction at a reasonable price without sacrificing comfort and style.

Reviewer’s Take

  • Comfort: 8.5/10
  • Performance: 9/10
  • Value: 9.5/10
  • Overall: 9/10

Where to buy?

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Review by Zero 2 Hero – A team of world class coaches dedicated towards massively improving ride technique, bike control and speed. Coaching is performed for riders of all levels including those who have never ridden a bike before (Level Zero) up to specialized racing techniques (Level Hero) all in just One Day. Visit their website at for more info.