Bicycle hand pumps have evolved a long way from the days of the heavy and lengthy pumps. Back in the days, the hand pumps were just too bulky and heavy to carry with you into the trails or even on the road. At that time, the pumps were only built for practical reasons; which made power in terms of their volume (the amount of air input) as the main priority; which makes ergonomics and mobility less achievable.

As mini-tech pumps and accessories are growing in demand, hand pumps are gradually becoming smaller n lighter to cope with market demands for lightweight biking items. Let’s take look at five of these pumps from Meqix to see how they work.

Power Meqix FPV
Meqix HP FPL
Inspire HPM (with Gauge)
Metal Diamond HVM
Metal Road M

Power Meqix FPV (with Pressure Gauge)

First impression

Very impressive design and outlook, the gun-metal colour with a solid wooden knob that brings the combined taste of class and sophisticated rider’s image. The body and barrel made of CNC alloy makes it light and durable as compared to most conventional cycling mini hand pumps.

The question would be, how well does this pump work? Let’s find out.


Surprisingly, it’s a mini hand pump mobile enough for you to bring along anywhere; whether it would be on the trails or even on the road. It’s easy to pump like a floor pump at half the performance of a floor pump. It’s effortless, easy and fast.

The wooden knob helps relieve pressure when you’re gripping the handle while pumping your tyres. Besides that, the length of the hose is long enough to lay your wheel flat on the ground so that you don’t need to hold the wheel like you do in most cases with the conventional hose-less mini pumps.

Most pumps these days have valves that are dual-valve compatible and most of them use rubber/plastic inlets and a lock knob which usually have high wear and tear. However, the Meqix 2-In-1 Twin Head valve has solved the problem.This is because the 2-In-1 Twin Head valve is fully dual-threaded for both Schrader and Presta valves.

The picture below shows that when you need to engage to a Presta valve, all you need to do is unscrew the Presta knob and lift it up, screw the valve adaptor directly to the tyre valve and no air will escape. This fabrication shows a very solid build quality for their valve head.

In a test with this pump, I’ve managed to pump a standard 26”MTB tyre with the width of 2.1 to 30psi in less than 3mins. The main highlight of this pump is that it comes with a uniquely designed pressure gauge. A simple build with a stanchion that tells you what pressure the tyre is at, instead of a pressure gauge meter that would create more weight and take up space.

Now that we know that the pump performs well, what about the user friendliness?

This pump comes with the Meqix X-Bracket that mounts on every bike’s bottle cage screws. A very stable mount, the clips are made of stainless steel and covered with a layer of rubber so that the pump will not slide when it comes to riding in bumpy conditions and it also protects the pump body from scratches.

Again, for trail riders who don’t have bottle cage mounts on their bikes, it is compact and light enough to be carried along in your hydration pack. Weighing in at only 115g, it’s definitely worth carrying along.

Reviewer’s Take

Great pump for every rider unless you are concerned about size and weight. This pump is designed especially for intense and competitive mountain bikers that are not too worried about size and weight. However, Meqix has another version for road bikers that will work great which we will be reviewing next.

Meqix HP FPL

This pump has basically adopted the same overall design as the Power Meqix HP FPL Pump but with an additional mini extra step-on pedal to function as a floor pump style.

Reviewer’s take

If prefer floor-pumping style, then choose the Meqix HP FPL which works great. There is also a version that comes with a pressure gauge as an upgrade which would definitely be worth the extra.

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Part 2 coming up soon featuring Inspire HPM, Metal Diamond HVM and Metal Road M!
Stay tuned.

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