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Inspire HPM (with Gauge)

First Impression

If the size and length of the Meqix Power FPV matters especially for mountain bikers, than this Inspire HPM would be another great option. 40mm shorter, more compact.


When the pump is attached to the tyre’s valve, it handles just like the Power Meqix because there is a retractable hosing system. Back to the old days of the bicycle hand pump, some of them have their hoses hidden in the middle of the chamber, when you need to use it, you will have to unscrew the hose, slide it out and attach to the hole of the pump.

It is by the ingenuity of the Meqix designing room that this Meqix Inspire pump has overcome the trouble of having to attach the hose to the pump. This is done by just unscrewing the pump head, sliding the hose out and pump.

Nevertheless, the pressure gauge adds value to this pump. However, it took me a much slower time to pump a 26”x2.1 to 30psi, running at about 6 minutes. That is usually the case in pumps; the choice is either big and fast but using more effort or compact and slow but using less effort while pumping up a tyre.

On the other hand, there is a negative side to any Meqix pumps that use the PC-PET bracket. It breaks. This happened when I was disengaging the pump from the Meqix PC-PET Bracket and it broke. I suggest that Meqix should just stick to the Meqix X-Bracket mount, which is a brilliant pump mount design. The PC-PET Bracket is too stiff, too snappy and too brittle.

Reviewer’s take

A good choice for mountain bikers who always keep their belongings as compact as possible while riding. However, the only negative side is the mount. If it was replaced by the X-Mount, it will definitely be a strongly recommended choice.

Metal Diamond

First Impression

Looks like an inverted version of Meqix Inspire with no extension hose for convenience.


Firstly, there is no extension hose. Therefore there is no difference to using this as compared to the usual hand pumps that pump like the picture as shown below. This would mean that you will have to hold the wheel tightly while pumping the tyre. This will induce more effort in pumping rather than riding. On top of that, the chance of damaging the Presta valve is very much higher because when using these types of pumps, when you’re holding the wheel and pumping, you would require a certain amount of effort to hold the wheel.

Once you get tired of holding the wheel; there is a chance that you may lose grip of the wheel which could then break the Presta valve.

Next, this pump also uses the PC Bracket which has proven to be very unreliable. My fingers have been snapped at on many occasions of trying to return the pump back on to its holder. This happens due to the stiff design of the PC Bracket that would snap on tightly around the body of the pump.

This would lead to my next explanation as to why I do not have a self-taken picture of this pump. This particular pump was lost in one of the technical trails in Bukit Kiara while I was doing the trail review for this pump. The point I would like to make is that the PC Bracket had such a strong holding power of the pump yet the pump still fell off.

Lucky for me that I had not taken out the Meqix Inspire which is having the same bracket was not taken out for this review earlier on. However in the end, the bracket still broke from normal usage.

Reviewer’s Take

Not recommended.

Metal Road

First Impression

As promised earlier on the Meqix Power review, here is something for roadies. At 90 grams, it is has very light and sleek design. Yes, this includes the type of hose extension just like the one on the Meqix Inspire.


However, this pump only serves Presta valves, which is an excellent choice because it is meant for road bikers and it is perfectly air tight when it’s attached to the valve. However, this pump does not come with a pressure gauge. Otherwise, this would have been the perfect replacement of the Meqix Power for both road and cross country riders. This is a high volume pump, which means it goes up to 160psi; which serves great for road bikers who use tubular tyres. No exact pressure was being measured but it took me about 8 mins to completely inflate a 700x23C tyre to the feel of 120psi.

Reviewer’s Take

If you are not concerned about having a pressure gauge and at the same time, you are opting for lightest and most compact hand pump yet being efficient at the same time, this can be considered in your shopping list if you are scouting a pump.


Although there is currently no information provided about the Meqix company on the website, as a new company that designs and makes bicycle pumps, Meqix produces a few of the most cutting edge hand pumps that are presently available in the market. These pumps are really worth considering if you are in the market for new and practical hand pumps.

Special recommendations would go to the hand pumps that come with a pressure gauge, extension hose and the more reliable X-Mount bracket system.

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