PRO Vibe 7S Stem - 90mm. Photo by Jef Sylvester

The PRO Vibe 7S Stem – 90mm looks futuristic and sleek

Stylish and sleek

If you think all stems are made the same, this PRO Vibe 7S stem for road bikes sets itself apart, looking stylish and sleek with a clever clamp system where the top of the clamp hooks on to the stem body.

This eliminates the two top locking bolts, thus reducing the stress on the two lower bolts. Weight weenies will celebrate the reduction of two bolts from the traditional clamp system too.

Given the new design of the PRO Vibe 7S alloy stem, it’s new triangular body is designed to give more stiffness yet giving it an aerodynamic look as well.

Photo by Jef Sylvester

Photo by Jef Sylvester

Puzzle Clamp system makes adjustments easier

The new clamp is called The Puzzle Clamp System, making initial installation simple and easy. With only two lower bolts to tighten, finer handlebar adjustments is made easier and simpler.

In comparison with any other aluminium stem, the Puzzle Clamp System works wonders as it simplifies the whole new outlook of this stem.

Made from the 7000 series aluminium body, the stem weighs 127g for the 90mm length. Another added feature, is its sand blasted texture in the inner clamp surfaces, which grips the handlebar securely.

-10 degree angle for a more comfortable position

This particular stem had a -10 degree angle which lowers the handlebar for a more comfortable position. I do favour this lower and more aero position, hence it works really well for me. Different riders do have a different setups and bike fit according to preference.

Futuristic V look at the front of the stem. Image from PRO Bike Gear

Futuristic V look at the front of the stem. Image from PRO Bike Gear

Stiff and Lightweight

In conclusion, the PRO Vibe 7S Road Stem offers both stiffness and lightweight characteristics from your regular cycling enthusiast to the professional, Tour de France cyclists.

I’d also recommend a choice pairing with a PRO Vibe 7S handlebar which I was detailed in a separate review, read it here. Aesthetically, together with the Smart Silicone bartape which has excellent grip, it makes your bike look really futuristic when paired, too as pictured below.

Photo by Jef Sylvester

Photo by Jef Sylvester

Check out the PRO Vibe 7S Stem and its price at these outlets nearest to you.

  • Malaysia – Montana and all Rodalink outlets
  • Thailand – ProBike
  • Singapore – Rodalink Singapore
  • Philippines – Comet Cycle Center, Zigma Sales Centre and Newton Multisales

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