Photo by Jef Sylvester

The PRO Vibe Di2 Carbon Seatpost looks sleek and futuristic. Photo by Jef Sylvester


Unlike other seat posts, this Shimano carbon seat post will definitely make your bicycle look sleek and futuristic. Weight weenies will appreciate the titanium bolts for the clamps too.

We often underestimate the seat post, which has the most important job of holding the saddle securely and accurately.

Image from PRO

PRO Vibe Carbon Seatpost made specifically for Di2. Image from PRO

Stiff, durable, lightweight

Design, stiffness and lightweight are always a characteristics most valued by serious cyclists. Weighing in at 213g, this seat post is made from Toray T800 carbon which are durable yet light, used in structural components for Boeing 777 planes.

The seat post caters to flexibility and variety, comes complete with two sets of alloy clamps – one for round rail saddles and the other for oval carbon rail saddles.

Photo by Jef Sylvester

PRO Vibe Di2 Carbon Seatpost holds your saddle securely and accurately. Photo by Jef Sylvester

Stealth design for Di2

A special stealth design has been incorporated into this seat post whereby it is compatible with Shimano SM BTR-Di2 29070 E-tube battery. By far, this is the most advanced seat post I’ve tried. At a glimpse it doesn’t look much, but once you have a full Di2 system set up it keeps every thing hidden.

It might have been a little tricky on the first attempt of getting the clamps on the carbon rail saddles. However, once in place, it was easy to use a torque wrench to tighten those titanium bolts down.

Overall, I would recommend this seat post, particularly to those who are using Shimano Di2 system on their bicycles.

Check out the PRO Vibe Di2 Carbon seatpost and its price at these outlets nearest to you.

  • Malaysia – Montana and all Rodalink outlets
  • Thailand – ProBike
  • Singapore – Rodalink Singapore
  • Philippines – Comet Cycle Center, Zigma Sales Centre and Newton Multisales

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