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  • The front of the sloping nose design really gives cross-country riders a much more comfortable position when seating forward on the saddle so you could get into a chest-down climbing position. It is also suitable for trail bikes where a slacked seat angle is preferred.
  • Its dipped center “Love Channel” does a really good job in reducing pressure on sensitive areas; no numbness will be felt while using it. The WTB Volt offers a generous amount of cushioning to give the rider better shock absorption while going through very bumpy terrain like most rutted, gravel and hard pack trails.
  • The design of its whale tail is angled at the rear of the saddle, giving a comfy and snug feeling while seated. The shape of the saddle offers great support while riding casually. Its ABR Corners also ensures the saddle’s durability on surfaces where it is easily torn or ripped. It also helps with providing a firm grip on long sweaty rides or when riding in the rain.
  • Thanks to its high gloss material used on the surface of the saddle, you’ll never have a soaked saddle while riding in wet conditions again. Besides that, the WTB Volt’s design is flatter than most saddles in the market, thus giving more support to your sitting bones.


  • The high-gloss material on the top could be quite uncomfortable when shifting your weight around the saddle as it causes the cycling shorts to stick and make a squeaking sound whenever the inner thigh of a rider rubs on the nose of the saddle while in a normal riding position.
  • Frame of the saddle definitely requires more flex while pressure is applied during climbs in order for the rider to feel more comfortable.


After using the WTB VOLT saddle continuously for two weeks, the saddle is very comfortable on long steep climbs where you will be seated on the sloped nose for a considerable amount of time. The WTB VOLT does not favor riding in technical terrain where shifting body weight around the saddle will be hard to perform.

Like most saddles in the market, this saddle definitely needs some getting used to as every saddle has a different ergonomic design. The WTB VOLT would be recommended for casual riders who wear loose cycling shorts with an inner layer, where you would not get any of those squeaky sounds it makes with cycling shorts or bibs.

However, this saddle is not recommended for long distance riding or any ride that would last more than 1 hour, as it has too much cushioning and not enough flex on its frame. This saddle requires a significant period of time in order for the saddle to run-in and form a comfortable posture for better ride comfort.

Reviewer’s Take:

Overall, the ergonomic design WTB has stuck with throughout the years has proven to be satisfactory. It feels comfortable on shorts rides, but the use of the high gloss material does not compliment the saddle’s performance in any way except when riding in wet conditions.

Review by Zero 2 Hero – A team of world class coaches dedicated towards massively improving ride technique, bike control and speed. Coaching is performed for riders of all levels including those who have never ridden a bike before (Level Zero) up to specialized racing techniques (Level Hero) all in just One Day. Visit their website at for more info.