Being in an expensive sport race means the stakes are high, along with the prizes.

(whoever did this poster is…. wicked.haha.)

We do not know how true is this but there are definitely news out there talking about this auntie. Oops did I say AUNTIE?
News travel via Facebook these days.

We are no strangers to professional insurance claimers. But professional race-winning fraud cases? Wow.
Many event organizers welcome cyclists with an attractive amount of cash prize, and it is not just limited to the champion. In most cases where cash prizes are rewarded, the Top 3 winners of a race category will receive a good cash amount.

Some professional cyclists do win them all the time! We salute them for the sweat and effort they have invested to prove themselves worth. But never have we thought there would be fraud cases. We do have high regards for cyclists or sportsmen alike – We do not claim what we cannot have done.

If you have done 3 loops, and maybe to brag abit – you may say, “almost 4”. Most of us will just smile to ourselves and let that be the joke of the century.

But if that bragging entitles you to cash prizes and prestige in a race which costs cyclists some real sweat – then, you are a really, really bad boy.

Event organizers have also gone to the length of investing into powerchips which can track the cyclists, but are they really accurate?

What if the racer cut short the distance? What if the racer claim to have done more loops but blames the chip and makes a fuss out of it?

Maybe there’s not so much integrity in winning races anymore.