PumpTire self-inflating bicycle tireA couple days ago, I received an email about the “worlds first self-inflating bicycle tire.” My initial reaction was, “first…no way,” but technically that might be a true statement (assuming that inventions like this one never actually worked or were produced). Unlike the 2008 PumpHub or the older Nakano Air Hub, the PumpTire has a self-inflation system that is incorporated directly into the tire itself. That means it can be easily installed on standard rims and there is no need for a hose running from the hub to the rim.

The product is currently in the development stage (they are seeking funding on Kickstarter now), but it does look pretty interesting. Be sure to watch the tech video to see how it works. You start riding, and the valve draws air through a Peristaltic pump in the tire. In addition to self inflating, the PumpTire will be adjustable from 65-100 psi.

Whether they meet the Kickstarter goal or not, it’s an interesting project. I’ll be watching to see what happens with it in the future.

Source: Bicycle Design