Seoul-based industrial designer Yeongkeun Jeong (whose Butter!Better! design snagged Runner-Up in last year’s Core77 Design Awards) has created a rather flexible system of on-board storage for bicycles. Done in collaboration with fellow designer Aareum Jeong, the Reel system utilizes the triangle under the crossbar, but unlike other storage systems utilizing this space, can fit any triangle in any bicycle.


That’s because the user themselves simply creates the storage area by wrapping the elastic band around the three bars. Adhesive silicone dots keep the band spaced out at a distance of your choosing.


I dig the Reel’s MacGyver-esque let’s solve a problem with two very specific materials vibe, even as I wonder if I’m not letting that appreciation overshadow the pragmatic demands of such a system. Experienced cyclists among you: How practical would—or wouldn’t—this system be in actual riding, like on rough city roads?

This article was first published on Core77