An easy ride across the stateline from Negeri Sembilan to Malacca on a folding bike.

HEY Foldies!
In this issue, we examine Port Dickson, a popular beach resort town just outside the greater Klang Valley.

For starters, this quaint little town in Negeri Sembilan is known for its petro-chemical refinery and power production plant. Its located along the Straits of Malacca and is a popular getaway for city dwellers from Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

Riding out of Port Dickson town.

Basically, its about 75km away from the city centre which is about 90-minutes drive via the PLUS North-South Highway.


Okay, assuming that you have at least six months to a year’s experience in cycling and you are already fed-up of cycling around your neighbourhood and want to do something ‘more’. Port Dickson would be a good start.

There is a 15km route from Port Dickson town to Cape Rachardo or Tanjung Tuan in Malacca which is worth the ride.

First, park your car in town. Highly-recommended, is the parking lots near the older part of the town where there are ample space and relatively safe. Many cyclists park in this area and ride down to Kuala Linggi and Malacca town which is 75km away. From town, head South towards Teluk Kemang which is roughly about 6.5km away.

Teluk Kemang is the first beach resort area that you will encounter along the way.

This is a scenic route which is also hilly with an undulating terrain, so, you might want to practise using your low gears during the climbs. Basically, a 6-speed bike would be able to survive this ride. This depends entirely on your level of fitness.

Be prepared to ride on a hot day and always hydrate on the go.


Teluk Kemang is a stretch of sandy beach where many resorts and privately-owned corporate retreats are located. You can chill out in this area and witness the sunset before riding back to town. But if you are a little bit more adventurous, head out to Cape Rachardo.

The coastal forest reserve area is managed by the Malacca Forestry Department.

This is the place where bird watchers convene during the annual Raptor watch. The landmark to lookout for is the Ilham resort.
Since Cape Rachardo is located on a coastal forest, be prepared to climb some hills.There is a lighthouse where you can also ride to or if you want to take things rather easy, just do a loop around the beach area.

It takes about an hour to get to Cape Rachardo from Port Dickson on an average speed of 20km/h.


If you love chicken rice, there is a good makan place in Pasir Panjang, which is located about 8.8km away.
From there, you can cycle to Kuala Linggi in Malacca where there are loads of Medan Ikan Bakar which you can try out.

GPS navigation helps in exploring Port Dickson and other places of interest.

There are ample places which you can stop to hydrate and refill your water bottles.


Before you set out on a ride, even if its a 30km middle-distance course, make sure that your folding bike is roadworthy. Always pack a spare inner-tube and a bicycle tool kit just in case.

Ride on the left-hand side of the road and give yourself an allowance of 1-metre to other vehicles such as motorcycles, cars and trucks. Switch on your rear blinkers to tell other road users that you are also sharing the road.

Riding back to Port Dickson on Route 5 along the Peninsular coastal road.

That said, have a great time and ride safe!

By Samo