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Justify those festive indulgences and ride with Rapha this holiday season on their yearly tradition of riding 500km on the eight days between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Dig in.

Once you’ve completed the distance, click onto Rapha to submit proof and claim your well-earned complimentary roundel from Rapha.

Prizes will also be awarded for your creative submissions that best express the ‘spirit’ of the challenge. Send Rapha films, photos, and stories from the road, and the best will be rewarded.

Check out the following list of rides organized and led by Rapha Asia, including 5 Festive 500 rides specially catered for you to reach your Festive 500km goal!

Festive 500: Ride 1 | 7.15am, 24 Dec

Festive 500: Ride 2 | 7.15am, 25 Dec

Festive 500: Ride 3 | 7.15am, 26 Dec

Festive 500: Ride 4 | 7.15am, 27 Dec

Festive 500 Ride 5 | 7.15am, 28 Dec