Wednesday, October 18, 2017 — Tucson, AZ – State Bicycle Co. – – presents the second episode of their new web series entitled “Ride Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros” that features pro racers in their natural environment while offering an exclusive look at the personalities within the sport of cycling. In this episode, State Bicycle Co. invites Phil Gaimon to tackle one of his Strava routes on a fixed gear bike and broach subjects most interviewers wouldn’t want to touch providing a great insight to one of cycling’s more dynamic personalities.

The comical series “Ride Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros” is back and bringing together pro-cycling and fixed gear culture by giving well-known cyclists the chance to talk about their life on and off the bike while riding fixed, up mountains. The second episode, “Malibu, CA,” features host Scott Piercefield of State Bicycle Co. asking former pro Phil “The Thrill” Gaimon questions about body waste management, his first fixie and eating all cookies he’s received from strangers all while trying to challenge one of his Strava records.

State Bicycle Co. embodies the spirit of road, fixed, and off-road cycling. This new and inviting series will document a roster of pros in their natural state on a bike, even if that bike is without a freewheel. No matter what the cycling discipline is, State Bicycle Co. wants all riders to enjoy the ride and #exploreyourstate on two wheels.