Coil sprung shocks have been popping up on more and more all-mountain bikes over the last few seasons, a shift driven in part by riders looking for a level of suppleness and consistency that can be difficult to achieve with air sprung options. To meet that demand, RockShox has introduced the Super Deluxe Coil, which will be available in a range of options designed to suit the needs of everyone from trail riders to World Cup DH racers.

Super Deluxe Coil Details
• External rebound damping adjustment
• 2-position threshold adjustment (Open/Pedal) with low speed compression adjustment in Open mode on RCT version
• Steel springs available in 50lbs increments from 350lbs to 650lbs (depending on length)
• Remote equipped version available
• Mounting options: trunnion mount, bearing mount, standard DU
• Metric sizing
• Availability: OEM only, select aftermarket options to be announced

Steel springs will be available in 50-pound increments from 250 – 650lb to help riders achieve the ideal spring rate, and sag gradients are printed on the shock’s shaft – no more searching around for a tape measure in order to check the amount of sag.

RockShox 17
There are several different Super Deluxe Coil models, with the RCT offering the most external adjustment. The RCT has two compression modes, ‘Open’ and ‘Pedal,’ and the amount of low-speed compression in the open mode is adjustable via a dial on top of the shock’s reservoir.
Next in line is the Super Deluxe RT Remote, which has a two-position handlebar mounted remote option that allows the shock to be switched from the Open to Pedal mode with the flick of the OneLoc remote lever.

For the gravity crowd, the Super Deluxe Coil RC World Cup is the metric replacement to the Vivid coil, with externally adjustable rebound and low-speed compression damping. Its sibling is the bare-bones Super Deluxe Coil, which simply has an external rebound adjustment.

Before you reach for your wallet, though, keep in mind that initially these shocks will be OEM only, appearing on complete bikes to start, although aftermarket options in select sizes are in the works.

RockShox Super Deluxe Coil
 Sag gradients should help make it even easier to make sure the shock has the correct weight spring.
RockShox MY18
 The Super Deluxe Coil RCT…
RockShox MY18
 …and the Super Deluxe Coil World Cup.

Super Deluxe Air

Along with the introduction of the Super Deluxe Coil, RockShox also updated their line of air-sprung Super Deluxe shocks. Just like its coil-sprung counterpart, the Super Deluxe RCT has two compression settings, and the ability for the amount of low-speed compression to be fine tuned in the open position.

There’s also a remote-equipped version, the Super Deluxe RT Remote, again featuring two modes, Open and Pedal that can be changed via the OneLoc remote.

RockShox 2017
The RCT has two compression settings, along with the ability to adjust the amount of low-speed compression in the open setting.
RockShox 2017There’s also a remote version with an Open and a Pedal mode.
On the DH side, the Vivid Air has been replaced by the Super Deluxe RC World Cup and the Super Deluxe R. Compared to the Vivid, adjusting the air volume on the new Super Deluxe should be a much quicker procedure, reducing the amount of time tinkering in the shop and maximizing the time on the trail.

RockShox MY18
The Super Deluxe RC World Cup…
RockShox MY18 …and the Super Deluxe R.