Some 800 cyclists gathered at Berjaya Times Square yesterday for a cause

In conjunction with the global Ride of Silence – a global event to commemorate fallen cyclists who we lost in road accidents, Kuala Lumpur saw our own version with all kinds of bicycles including the MTBs, folding bikes, Stridas and the highlight – Cycling Asia Magazine Creative Director, Arif’s Pacific Carry Me:

The official banner bears signatures of all those who participated in the campaign and will be submitted to the authorities as petition.

Riding in the lead is Elaine Wong, the chief event organizer who managed to piece up the show within two months and the support garnered for the night was impressive.

The 18km ride flagged off at 9pm sharp, bringing the participants to some of the busiest roads of Kuala Lumpur. There are not many times you can roam the KL streets freely, enjoy the scenery and come so close to heritage buildings. 18km of flats was an awesome ride.

It was a delighting moment to see the cycling enthusiasm expressed on the roads, connecting to the public who has yet to be touched with the cycling bug. The passion was undeniable and cyclists took to the road their belief, and represented themselves as ambassadors.

The BaikBike team was there to witness this historic event taking place, and we are proud to be part of it.

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