Shimano Custom-Fit Insoles are designed to augment and enhance the fit, comfort and performance you expect—and receive—when you purchase Shimano Dynalast footwear.

Who can benefit from Custom Insoles? Any rider wanting more comfort, and the improvement in performance that can result.

It’s especially beneficial on long and tough events, like Gran Fondos and gravel excursions.

Nestled between the flexible upper and the more rigid outsole, a shoe’s insole acts as the interface between the bottom of the foot and the sole. At best, stock insoles provide cushion and support in a very generic manner.

Shimano’s Custom-Fit adds personalization to this interface of foot and outsole—and it’s specific to each foot, left and right, in terms of shape and peculiarities.

Custom-Fit Pressure Mapping
CUSTOM-FIT insoles disperse pressure more evenly and support a broader area for increased all-day comfort. CUSTOM-FIT also optimizes the heel bone angle and helps secure the heel in the shoe for increased power transmission.

Custom-Fit Insole Molding Tool
The CUSTOM-FIT insole molding tool maintains the shape of heat-moldable insoles. Providing precise plantar shape for more power, comfort, and support.

Through custom molding, pressure is dispersed evenly at the critical pedaling zone. This allows a balanced distribution of force in the plantar area, far more effectively than a stock insole can offer.