–          BlueSG’s Asia Pacific headquarters officially launched; will create about 250 jobs in Singapore by 2021
–          BlueSG Pte Ltd announces locations of first 30 charging stations island-wide

Singapore, 27 September 2017 – In preparation for the launch of Singapore’s first large-scale electric vehicle (EV) car-sharing programme, BlueSG Pte Ltd (a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group), today announced the locations of its first 30 charging stations, which will offer a total of 120 charging points. Scheduled to roll out progressively from December 2017, the programme will provide users with the convenience and flexibility of returning the EV at locations different from their point of pick-up.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has been working closely with BlueSG to identify and secure suitable parking lots across Singapore for the vehicle charging stations. Ground-breaking works for the installation of the first 30 BlueSG charging stations will commence by the end of September at:

  • 18 stations across public housing estates
  • 10 stations within the city centre and its fringes
  • Two locations within industrial and commercial estates, in one-north and Science Park

Under the EV car-sharing programme signed with LTA and the Economic Development Board (EDB) in June 2016, BlueSG will roll out a total of 500 charging stations equipped with 2,000 charging points nation-wide. Of these, 400 charging points will be opened for public use. In addition, the first batch of Bluecars is being commissioned in Singapore and will form part of a 1,000-strong EV fleet in the future.

Said LTA’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr Lam Wee Shann: “The opening of BlueSG’s regional headquarters in Singapore marks an important milestone, bringing us one step closer to a more sustainable and efficient transport system. When launched in December, BlueSG’s one-way car-sharing service will play an integral part in achieving our car-lite vision, providing the public with another convenient option for point-to-point transport, and reducing reliance on private vehicles. The network of 2,000 charging points that BlueSG will install island-wide will lay the foundation for a national EV charging network to support EV proliferation moving forward.”

“We are extremely excited for the upcoming BlueSG car-sharing launch in December, as well as the convenience and benefits that the people can enjoy from the programme. This new project represents a strategic development for the Bolloré group and we are committed to make Singapore the second largest EV car-sharing service worldwide after Paris. As we continue to make good progress, we are confident that the inaugural roll-out will be a great success and build Singapore’s regional leadership in the sector,” said Marie Bolloré, Managing Director at Blue Solutions. “In addition, we are on a good trajectory to build a world-class EV infrastructure both on the deployment and innovation front where we aim to create 250 jobs at the end of our first five years.”

“Blue Solutions’ establishment in Singapore is testament to Singapore’s attractiveness as a regional hub for companies to capture business opportunities in Asia. We welcome BlueSG to tap on our vibrant ecosystem to co-create and export innovative urban mobility solutions for the world,” said Mr Kelvin Wong, Assistant Managing Director, Cluster Group Enterprise, Economic Development Board.

Establishing BlueSG’s Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

BlueSG Pte Ltd today also officially unveiled their Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore, which will oversee its e-mobility, energy management and system integration business for the region. The hub will house over 30 employees by the end of the year, including a local customer resource centre, and teams comprising technical staff, on-field technicians, EV workshop and IT support specialists.

BlueSG Pte Ltd will also establish a Global Innovation Centre in Singapore to undertake R&D work in the areas of mobility and energy management solutions. Altogether, BlueSG Pte Ltd aims to create a total of about 250 jobs in Singapore by 2021.

Apart from BlueSG, the Bolloré Group runs the world’s largest EV car-sharing programme in several major cities around the world, including Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon in France, Indianapolis and Los Angeles in the US, Torino in Italy and London. The Bluecar features the unique LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) battery developed by Blue Solutions (a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group), which gives them a very high level of range and safety. Over the years, this fully solid battery (without solvents or rare earth metals) has demonstrated its sturdiness and reliability through the Autolib’ experience.

For more information on BlueSG and upcoming developments, visit www.bluesg.com.sg.