The All-New, Rider-First Engineered™ TARMAC: Nothing is Lighter, Faster or Better Handling

733g in size 56cm should say everything you need to know.

Specialized has outdone themselves with their all-new Tarmac, with a 200g weight savings from the previous Rider-First Engineered™ Tarmac. Each of the Tarmac’s performance targets have been co-optimized, so that reducing weight doesn’t negatively affect the frames handling or aerodynamic performance.

Launched at an event befitting sophisticated automobiles, Specialized unveiled the new Tarmac to a crowd of eager-eyed ‘roadies’ at the Liquidity Bar on Sky Level in First Avenue, Petaling Jaya in Malaysia.  The launch even comes with a test-drive where enthusiasts can try out the new bike known for their superb handling and technology at certain locations throughout the Klang Valley.

You’d be surprised to know, that their Ultralight Paint only adds 10 grams, or the weight of nine gummy bears, to the S-Works Tarmac Ultralight.

When it was time to design a new Tarmac, Specialized looked to pro racing to decided to improve on the Rider-First Engineered™ handling, but in a lighter, faster, and smoother package. Without a doubt, it’s the fastest, most complete race bike you’ve ever ridden.

Unlike other brands, Specialized brings comfort to riders from short to tall. Each individual frame size was developed around stiffness targets that were specific to the expected pilot of each bike. This results in a uniform experience for all riders, regardless of their frame size.

Based on the learnings from our strategic partnership with McLaren Applied Technologies, coupled with their Rider-First Engineered™ process, the new Tarmac takes more than just handling into consideration.

“Developing every feature on the new Tarmac was an exercise in finding that peak—there are tube shapes on the bike that, with a sub-millimeter change, would cause the system performance to fall off that peak and result in a bike that is several watts less aero, several grams heavier, or would compromise handling performance. We applied this approach to every design element and engineering decision on the Tarmac.” — Director of R&D, Dr. Chris Yu.

In the end, three areas were discovered where we could add aero for free—a new fork shape, dropped seatstays with aero tubes, and a d-shaped seatpost and seat tube.

The result? A bike that’s approximately 45 seconds faster over 40 kilometers compared to other lightweight bikes in the same weight category.

With Retül’s analysis of rider position, Specialized is able to capture and better understand feedback from our World Tour racers and helps to interpret their sensation while riding and to translate that feedback into improvements.

Specialized now have Tarmacs for women and Tarmacs for men. There’s no longer just a “men’s Tarmac,” but a Tarmac family that serves men and women looking for the same experience.

Through these technologies, all seven sizes have tailored stiffnesses, making the experience for each rider exactly the same—stiff, yet compliant, snappy, yet aero, and of course, FAST.

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