STIKY is a series of brand new fabrics made of the patented material with unique features including its iconic self-adhesiveness, water absorption, and keep warm feature, the innovative textile will be the perfect one for you to go anywhere.


  • Stick Together:
    The patented self-adhesiveness material that way beyond Velcro allows you to easily keep it steady and organized.
  • Keep Dry:
    Unique water absorbing function will keep one side of STIKY dry all the time, which is perfect for keeping you away from sweat and do not have to worry about messing your bag up with wet fabrics again.
  • Stay Warm:
    Perfectly keeps your body heat with super tiny fiber (micro fiber) when needed.


The most iconic feature of STIKY™ is its self-adhesiveness, and that’s why we named it so. You could easily wear STIKY, keeping it steady anywhere you want. It can’t be easier to keep STIKY organized.What’s more, it can keep all your belongings organized, too! You can use it to have clothes, shoes or any other stuff easily packed by just simply roll them into STIKY.


One-way Water Absorption

With its extraordinary water absorption, STIKY will quickly drain the water and locked it in only one side whilst keep another side dry and comfortable all the time.

You won’t mess the bag up again with wet towels, bottles and clothes, Just roll it up!

Body Heat Keeping

Microfiber (Ultra-fine Fiber) to allow STIKY perfect in capturing the heat, making it highly efficient to help you stay warm yet keep it slim in thickness and comfortable in texture.

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  • Self-adhesiveness
  • One-way Water Absorption
  • Body Heat Keeping
  • Comes in 3 Sizes
  • Both Side Usability
  • Hanging Loop
  • Overstitched Edge
  • Made with Washable Material
  • Easy to Be Organized
  • Packing Things Within Seconds
  • Steadily Wearable
  • One-side Dry All the Time