Today at a pre-show ceremony organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council and Taiwan Bicycle Association and executed by iF DESIGN ASIA Ltd., the 57 winners of the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2017 were announced.

The seven top designs were recognized with the prestigious TAIPEI CYCLE gold award, with winners hailing from Taiwan, China, France, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, a start-up company from the United States won the special award Gold Award – Young Enterprise for their brand new bicycle lock design.

Selected out of following four categories: Bicycles, Components and Parts, Peripherals and Accessories, and E-bikes and Pedelecs, the jury panel was impressed with the variety of award-winning products this year. They pointed out many current trends, such as environmental sustainability, user interface and the integration of smart technology, developing in bicycle manufacturing and design.

More e-bikes were entered into the competition and awarded due to the growing popularity of e-bikes, including e-road bikes, e-mountain bikes and e-city bikes. With better power capacity, longer battery life and smaller battery size, e-bikes have become lighter and better for longer rides. The development of adjustable power output and advanced drive systems allow riders to enjoy different riding experience with various types of e-bikes.

Products integrated with IoT technology to monitor cycling routes, pedaling force and even control the safety systems are developed to guarantee safe and comfortable riding for professional and amateur cyclists, commuters, and riders of all ages, while many other bicycle components and accessories are designed to better fulfill user’s experience and needs.

All award-winning products will be featured in an award pavilion at the Main Lobby of Nangang Exhibition Hall during the TAIPEI CYCLE 2017 from 22 to 25 March 2017. Admission is free of charge, and the exhibition is open to the public. Visitors can take part in a Facebook check-in campaign for a free copy of special documentation of the year.

A special exhibition and an anniversary yearbook will also be available to mark the 30th anniversary of the TAIPEI CYCLE Show, featuring many award-winning products of the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards over the years and documenting the history of the bicycle industry in Taiwan over the past three decades for buyers, exhibitors and the general public.

Winners of the TAIPEI CYCLE gold award 2017:

    Category 01. Bicycles
    Manufacturer SPEEDX Inc. | Beijing, China
    Design office SPEEDX Inc. | Beijing, China
    Jury statement

    “SpeedX is clearly pushing road bike design into new territories. The overall look is very harmonious and well balanced in terms of finish, color, trim and proportion. The integration of computers and components has been done beautifully. Its clean look is no doubt an eyecatcher.“

  • Bicycle Through Axle

    Category 02. Components + Parts
    Manufacturer FUL CHEE ENT CO., LTD | Taichung City, Taiwan
    Design office FUL CHEE ENT CO., LTD | Taichung City, Taiwan
    Jury statement

    “It is a smart design with great CNC production quality. Hiding the quick release arm into the axle makes this product outstanding. It is easy to use and simple-structured. The minimalist design gives the product a modern and clean appearance. Why hasn’t this been done before?”

  • Internal Routing Tool
    Category 03. Peripherals + Accessories
    Manufacturer CHIA CHERNE INDUSTRY CO., LTD | Changhua, Taiwan
    Design office CHIA CHERNE INDUSTRY CO., LTD | Changhua, Taiwan
    Jury statement

    “This is a simple, affordable tool that can save both time and frustration when recabling bikes with internally routed cables. This is a smart idea, which solves problems and is done in a clever way. Another must-have for the tool box!”

  • Tailfin

    Category 03. Peripherals + Accessories
    Manufacturer Darson J&B Enterprise Co., Ltd. | Taichung City, Taiwan
    Design office Tailfin|Nick Broadbent | Bristol, UK
    Jury statement

    “Tailfin solves the carbon fiber road bike commuters’ challenge with a lightweight, aerodynamic design, near perfection in function and construction, and, most important, good looks. It has perfect bag position, foot clearance, frame compatibility, and it’s easy to assemble. Great idea and perfect realization!”

  • Tsinova Smart E-bike TS01
    Category 04. E-bikes + Pedelecs
    Manufacturer Beijing Tsinova Technology Co., Ltd | Beijing, China
    Design office TSINOVA GMBH|Liu Yiming | Mettmann, Germany
    Jury statement

    “The battery is perfectly fitted into the frame, which is a very nice integration solution. It has a light, modern and urban look. You will turn heads riding a bike like this!”

  • eONE-SIXTY 900-E
    Category 04. E-bikes + Pedelecs
    Manufacturer Merida Industry Co., Ltd. | Changhua, Taiwan
    Design office Merida Industry Co., Ltd. | Changhua, Taiwan
    Jury statement

    “The eOne-Sixty 900-E looks good and rides even better. It’s well-balanced by its hidden cable routing, perfect frame geometry and attention to the detail. One of the most aesthetically pleasing electric mountain bikes on the market, delivering the ride of a traditional mountain bike but with a motor for added thrills.”

  • Lapierre Overvolt AM Carbon
    Category 04. E-bikes + Pedelecs
    Manufacturer Cycles Lapierre|Dijon, France
    Design Cycles Lapierre|Dijon, France
    Jury statement

    “Lapierre Overvolt AM Carbon has a very nice shape and modern look overall. The position of the battery promises a low center of gravity. It provides good protection to the motor and battery against impacts on the road. It has high level of engineering capability, workmanship, and power technology. Indeed, this product pushes electric mountain bike design in a whole new direction!”

Winner of the Gold Award – Young Enterprise 2017:

  • LINKA Lock

    Category 03. Peripherals + Accessories
    Manufacturer LINKA|San Francisco, US
    Design office LINKA|San Francisco, US
    Jury Statement:

    “The LINKA successfully introduces new security features and added convenience to bicycle protection. Its smooth curves and simple design are very different from traditional bike locks. It has very innovative combination of functions with features of automobiles. A safe and smart lock!”


All award winners information is presented on the official websites of the TAIPEI CYCLE Show, the Taiwan Bicycle Association and the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE. Award-winning products will be featured in a special presentation at CosmoBike 2017 in Verona, Italy.