Just back from Guangzhou Asian Games, Masziyaton bt Mohd Radzi celebrates her No.6 placing in Women’s Cross Country Cycling category by training, non-stop. Here we are in Kedah, spotted her in a green jersey at the SHIMANO UUM Bike Challenge 2010 – It will KILL US to not know how has she been and overcame so much as a lady at her age at such peak of her career. And most importantly, what does it feel like to be the Top female cyclist of Malaysia, a sport so adored by men.

We took only a few minutes of her time to let you know how she views Female Cycling.

BB: First of all, “Tahniah” for making us so proud of you! I’m sure as a lady, you must have met many challenges – Mind sharing with us?

Masziya: It may be a known fact or just a perception that girls’ physical abilities are not on par with the boys. Whether or not, I always try to “think” of myself as a boy during training who can also do the same. (It’s all in the mind.) I don’t let perceptions bring me down.

BB: You are currently the best female cyclist in Malaysia, and are already inspiring some of the upcoming female riders to be like you.

Masziya: Being a professional cyclist means you have to sacrifice your socializing time and fun moments, but there are also reasons to cycle. First of all, cycling is a healthy sport and Malaysia is gaining international recognition; Second, there are not many female cyclists, so having one more girl, it proves that cycling is not a sport only for the boys.

“Saya pun nak tunjuk saya boleh buat seperti lelaki.”

Translation: “I wanna show that I can do what the boys can.”

BB: What are the things a female rider should pay attention towards before the ride?

Masziya: The only thing to pay attention is to focus on the training, and always thinking about outdoing yourself in each & every ride. Whatever guys can do, we can do it too.

(Before ending the conversation, she concluded with,)

“Perempuan setanding lelaki.”

Translation: Girls are as competitive as boys.

Masziyaton is born in 1988, 22 this year and has won herself a 6th placing in Guangzhou Asian Games – Women’s Cross Country Cycling. Standing at only a-148cm petite frame, she has proven her worth in the Malaysian cycling field, as a lady cyclist.

Masziya, We salute you.