Nearly two decades after Graeme Obree first shot to fame by emerging from obscurity to take the Hour record, the Flying Scotsman has his sights set on another benchmark – he’s looking to break the human-powered vehicle land speed record.

Not only that, but the 46-year-old, who today formally launched his training manual,The Obree Way, told BBC Scotland that he aimed to shatter the current record of nearly 83mph in style.

For some, Obree’s exploits evoked Sir Malcolm Campbell’s record-breaking feats of the 1920s and 1930s when he broke the world land speed record nine times.

Like Campbell, who in 1937 became the first person to reach a speed in a land vehicle in excess of 300mph, Obree plans to better the human-powered record in the United States.

“I am setting out to attack the world land speed record, which is on a bicycle, but there’s no rules,” explained Obree.

“It’s a branch of the sport called human powered vehicles. The record is set as under the same conditions as cars – it’s on a flat road, not wind assisted, and with no other vehicle assistance,” he continued.

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