Terengganu Pro-Asia Cycling Team (TSG) working their ass off for Le Tour de Langkawi. A day’s work includes training and competing at several national level competition.

When the year begins, intensive, centralized training ala bootcamp style awaits. Possibly in Chiang Mai, Thailand like previous years – Mohd Sophian Abu Bakar (CEO, TSG) added.

Grueling and grilling for sure to ensure riders in tip top form. Sophian hopes to do better than  the 16th edition of LTDL where the team had a few dashed dreams.

On riders, Sophian hopes to retain outside help like Japan’s veteran rider Sinichi Fukushma for the new season as well as creating a more versatile team.

He’s hopeful of LTdL 2011’s shining stars like Mat Saufi Mat Senan, Mat Shahrul Mat Amin.

The LTdL 2012 which covers 1,410.7km would start in Putrajaya and ends in Chukai (stage eight) and Terengganu (stage nine and ten). 22 teams is set to compete including the LeTua Cycling Team and the national team.

BaikBike wishes the team, Happy Training