SINGAPORE – Mar. 13, 2017The Sufferfest, creator of the world’s most comprehensive indoor training app and cycling videos for individual and group use, today announced the world premiere of its latest video releases, The Shovel, Primers and Cadence Builds. Adding to their library of 42 structured workouts, the new videos feature exclusive race footage from the Tour of Britain, Tour of Utah, Tour of Taihu Lake and the Abu Dhabi Tour, as well as stunning footage of the Alps provided by the Col Collective, a new online resource dedicated to providing cyclists with the inspiration, education and support needed to reach the summit of the greatest mountain passes in the world.

The workouts were created by Neal Henderson, coach at APEX Coaching in Boulder, Colorado, and are available as part of The Sufferfest Training Centre App for iOS, Mac and Windows.

“Henderson trains some of the best cyclists in the world,” said David McQuillen, CEO of The Sufferfest. “When we asked him which workout his athletes feared the most, he gave us The Shovel. It’s one of our most challenging, result-oriented workouts to date.”

The Shovel is a 76-minute workout featuring two, 23-interval pyramids, designed to improve speed and the ability to sustain multiple hard efforts with minimal recovery. Two additional releases, Primers and Cadence Builds, are designed to accompany the comprehensive training plans developed by The Sufferfest, in partnership with Henderson and the sports scientists at APEX Coaching. Primers is a 46-minute, moderate-intensity session designed to be ridden the day before a big event, preparing the body for optimum performance without fatiguing it. Cadence Builds is a 58-minute session that helps improve fast-twitch muscle recruitment through a series of six drills at ever-increasing pedaling cadences.

“The release of Primers and Cadence Builds will help athletes get the most out of the ten structured training plans that are now included with the app, further distinguishing The Sufferfest as the most comprehensive training platform available,” said McQuillen.

To access these workouts and the rest of The Sufferfest’s 61 videos, download The Sufferfest Training Centre App for iOS, Mac OS, and Windows. For more information on The Sufferfest, please visit

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The Sufferfest creates the world’s most comprehensive training platform for endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts, whether at home or in one of the 150 licensed Sufferlandrian Embassies located worldwide. The Sufferfest Training Centre app provides access to 42 Sufferfest workouts featuring exclusively-licensed footage from the world’s biggest races, as well as yoga videos, structured training plans and the ability to connect to a range of fitness devices. For further information please visit