SINGAPORE – Nov. 9, 2016 – The Sufferfest, creator of the world’s best cycling videos for individual and group training, announced today their partnership with APEX Coaching, an elite sport coaching group for endurance athletes based in Boulder, Colo., USA to provide structured training plans to all Sufferfest app subscribers. In addition, APEX will also provide content for Sufferfest articles, podcasts and live, online discussions with the Sufferlandrian community.

sufferfest “The Sufferfest training approach has always been about maximum effort and minimum time. APEX Coaching understands how to help maximize an athlete’s results when there is limited time to train,” said David McQuillen, The Sufferfest CEO. “We’re thrilled that we can bring the expertise of one of the best cycling coaches in the world, Neal Henderson, and his entire APEX team to Sufferlandrians everywhere.”

Neal Henderson, CEO of APEX Coaching, founded the company in 1999. With over 20 years of coaching at the elite level, Henderson’s athletes have won Olympic, Paralympic, World Championship, World Tour and national level titles, as well as leader jerseys in grand tours, like the Tour de France. A former pro triathlete himself, Henderson works with both the U.S. National Cycling team and the BMC Pro Racing team. APEX Coaching has designed workouts for The Sufferfest since 2011.

“The Sufferfest is one of the most effective indoor cycling tools in the market. Its structured workout videos are based on the same workouts we give our professional riders and The Sufferfest Training Centre App is one of the most effective training platforms available to athletes today,” said Henderson. “Sufferlandrians are already known for being some of the toughest cyclists and triathletes on the road and it’s exciting to be partnering and sharing our expertise with this community.”

There are five plans for road cyclists with 10-week schedules for novice, intermediate and advanced riders as well as 3-week plans for climbing and sprinting. There are also two plans for Olympic triathlon, two for Cyclocross and one from Cross Country Mountain Biking.

All plans incorporate a mix of Sufferfest workouts, outdoor rides and specific technique drills while full run and swim workouts are detailed for the triathlon plans. Uniquely, the plans integrate sessions from The Sufferfest’s upcoming yoga for cyclists videos, which will be launched on the 18th of November.

“Neal and his team have crafted some incredibly effective plans to create truly well-rounded athletes,” says McQuillen, “To complement that expertise, we put tremendous emphasis on the writing and design in these plans. They’re clear, easy-to-read and absolutely beautiful. There really is nothing else like them on the market today.”

The Sufferfest Training Centre App, available on Windows, iPad, iPhone and Mac computers, is a comprehensive training resource for cyclists and triathletes training indoors. Featuring the entire Sufferfest library of 37 different high-intensity interval videos, the app allows cyclists to connect devices like smart trainer, heart rate monitors and power meters in order to train to specific fitness targets set by the app. Subscribers can also use the app’s ‘virtual power’ function in order to train with estimated watts. Other functions include workout storage and analysis, sharing to Strava and Training Peaks and the ability to change intensity during a workout. The Sufferfest app has a 7 day free trial and then costs $10 USD a month.

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