Only 30 units of the $815,500 watch will be made

In honor of the four-time Formula One World Champion Alain Prost, Richard Mille unveils a new 30-piece limited edition tourbillon that just may be the craziest watch design ever. The RM 70-01 Tourbillon Alain Prost watch is the result of a collaboration between Prost and Richard Mille (the two are friends), who worked to develop a mechanical watch designed specifically for cycling. The cyclist watch will be up for sale for $815,000 beginning in December.

Alain Prost, also co-founder of the Renault e.dams team, wanted an odometer on the watch, and Richard Mille complied.  The RM 70-01 features a unique totalizer to track the miles, or kilometers, traveled.  A pusher at 2 o’clock enables the wearer to select one of five different odometer rollers, which will track and display the distance traveled in a titanium window. Another pusher at 10:00 advances the roller by one, tracking the next portion of a cycling trip, and so on. All the cyclist needs to do is add the day’s distance to the prior day’s total — and so on — to track the entire season’s distance ridden.

From Richard Mille —

I have loved cycling since childhood. In fact, I’ve probably ridden on every road in the Var region of France. For the last ten years, in large part thanks to my friend Alain Prost, I’ve also been a fan of cyclosport, attentively following the tremendous progress of the discipline.

Accompanying stages of the Tour de France, as I have often done in one of the organisers’ cars, I was quick to recognise the amazing feats of these extraordinary athletes—undoubtedly amongst the world’s toughest—who give this sport its legendary standing. Ever fascinated by sporting performance, I am stunned by the power cyclists churn out. Of course, the revolution of the sport’s equipment also captures my attention: the introduction of composites, lightermaterials, performance gains in gear assemblies, transmissions and more. As a tech and innovation fanatic myself, I’m well placed to appreciate the many subtleties involved. And let’s not forget the competitive spirit so essential to cycling, which demands efficiency, performance and rationalisation.

The intersection of haute horlogerie and cyclosports, two disciplines in the midst of remarkable developments, could not but lead to thoughtful reflection, followed by an especially inspired watch.