Thule Subterra is a complete line of high-quality, sleek and contemporary travel bags and luggage, ranging from checked and carry-on luggage to laptop bags and sleeves. With a focus on smart design and ease of use for the active business traveler,  Thule Subterra ensures you arrive effortlessly, in style, so you can get the most  out of your travel experience.

Smart solutions
For the experienced traveler, innovative and intelligently designed luggage is the key to staying efficient on the go, which is why the Thule Subterra collection features smart solutions like the spacesaving compression board found in the Thule Subterra Carry-On 55cm/22″ and clever compartments found throughout each of the backpacks.

Convenient versatility
While all of the bags within the Thule Subterra luggage collection include convenient features, several of the bags have multipurpose designs built in, like the innovative 2-in-1 solution that allows you to pack either one large checked piece of luggage or two smaller carry-ons.

Thule Subterra

High-quality materials
From the Thule brand’s high-quality reputation and rigorous testing standards for all of their luggage and bags, to the use of luxurious, but durable nylon fabrics, the Thule Subterra line is able to stand up to years of abuse and absorb the impact of travel

Outdoor/Urban styling
The Thule Subterra collection combines durability and ruggedness, with the urban styling and design that Thule’s products are known for.