The FitClic Neo system is made up of two parts. The case or the adhesive-backed universal tag that can attach to most smart devices, and the mount that has the FitClic Neo locking mechanism at the top. The twist-lock design works together with magnets to rotate and self-lock the device, securing it onto the mount with no effort. Once the device is mounted, the only way to unlock it is to rotate the lever on the mount, which is designed to protect against accidental detachment. Users are able to attach and detach their device from the mount with one hand, making it incredibly easy to use.

With FitClic Neo, it’s quick, easy and effortless to mount any smartphone to a bike, motorcycle, car, wall, or armband. FitClic Neo offers cases that are compatible with the iPhone 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, 7, 7+, and iPhone 8, 8+ and X. FitClic Neo also offers a universal adhesive tag that can go on the back of any smartphone so users don’t have to swap out their existing case for the FitClic Neo case. FitClic Neo’s flat-back design makes it pocket-friendly and easy to lie flat on tables.

“FitClic Neo is not just another magnetic mount or mechanical locking system. Its patent-pending design cleverly employs a combination of small magnets to perform mechanical twist-locking automatically,” said Timothy Ho, Tigra Sport founder. “All you need to do is to place a FitClic Neo-enabled device near the mount, and the system will do the rest like magic. The result is the lightest, slimmest, strongest and most secured mounting system for smart devices, which is also the easiest to use.”

Currently, the FitClic Neo is available exclusively on Kickstarter. Early adopters are able to pre-order a mount kit starting as low as $30. For more information, visit

About Tigra Sport

Tigra Sport’s goal is to change the way people interact with their smartphone in their active and sportive environment. They aim to create an ecosystem of products that help sports enthusiasts to protect, power, and play their smart devices, as well as use them to track performance in all tough outdoor conditions. Founded by Timothy Ho in 2005, TIGRA SPORT is a brand name in cycling and outdoor sports accessories that stand for innovative design, smart user interface, and reliable quality. For more information, visit or