Ten simple ways you can build your body strength – and reduce pain – with these exercises between long commutes

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You don’t need Bradley Wiggins’s fitness levels – but staying in shape helps reduce pain when cycling.
Photograph: Gustau Nacarino/REUTERS

Cyclists’ squats

If you ride around a lot, most likely you’re going to have pretty tight calves, which can make squatting well fairly tricky. Elevating the heels about 5 cm by placing some weighted plates (if you are in the gym) or books or magazines (if you are at home), allowing you to squat deeper with an upright torso. Keep the feet parallel (as you would if you were cycling). Try three sets of 12 repetitions, with enough weight to mean the 12th repetition is very hard indeed.

•Lucy Fry is a journalist and published author as well as being a personal fitness trainer, boxing and kickboxing instructor

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