As many as 65 cyclists from 15 countries are participating in the 2013 Tour de East Java, which was officially opened by East Java Governor Soekarwo in Surabaya on Wednesday.

The participating countries are Indonesia, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Spain, England, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.


“This competition is vital for the promotion of East Java tourism,” Soekarwo said during the opening ceremony of the competition, which consists of three sections, as quoted by on Wednesday.

The first section of the competition, which serves a 179.6 km route, started on Jl. Mayjen Sungkono in Surabaya, Menganti, Gresik, Lamongan Babat, Mojokerto, Krian and Sidoarjo Sport Complex, and will finish on Friday.

The second section serves an 84.5 km route, starting at the Sidoarjo Sport Complex, Porong, Pandaan, Sukorejo, Purwosari, Pasrepan, Puspo and Tosri in Pasuruan.

The third section, which is 78.6 km-long, starts at the Sidoarjo Sport Complex, Buduran, Ringroad Timur Sidoarjo, Tanggulangin Temple, Tulangan, Prampon, Krembung, Ngoro, Mojosari, Bangsal, Pacet and finishes in Pecet, Mojokerto.

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