COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Nov. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — After 113 years of epic European bicycle races, an American interpretation of the three week road race known as a grand tour is on the horizon. The USA Grand Tour, pioneered, designed and produced by SIBOC Sports LLC, will host American and international teams in a 2000+ mile stage race through America’s cities, mountains & rural areas.


The format will include both a men’s and a women’s grand tour. “We are designing courses which showcase multiple American cities each year and multiple levels of entertainment for cycling and non-cycling fans alike,” says Scott Galbraith, founder of SIBOC Sports LLC. “One especially exciting feature will be the extended women’s tour. Women’s races have historically been much shorter than men’s and we’re hoping to make a difference there.”

Similar in scope to the Tour de France, The Giro D’Italia or the Vuelta Espagna,  the immense logistical challenge of the USA Grand Tour will be tackled by a core team of event coordinators, analysts, administrative staff and logistics personnel seeking initial funding through sponsorships and a crowdfunding campaign.

Anyone wishing to participate or contribute to the effort can find more info at  or