Matching the rising demand for e-bikes in the cycling industry, Velo Saddles has produced a saddle that specifically meets the needs of e-bike riders. Taking feedback from riders within the Velo factory and from the wider cycling community, Velo has incorporated some subtle details into the saddle that will make riding an e-bike more comfortable and safer.

The saddle uses the Atoms Shaping technology that Velo first introduced on the Angel line of saddles. This molding process allows the padding to be fully incorporated in a waterproof cover, so that the saddle cannot absorb moisture. For many e-bike riders, riding in the rain is a daily reality, and having a saddle that does not soak through is an important consideration.

The Archtech rail mounting system is a signature feature of Velo Saddles, allowing the vibrations coming through the seatpost to be dissipated across a larger area of the base, aiding comfort and preventing fatigue. For e-bike riders who are generally travelling faster in an urban environment than conventional cyclists, this vibration damping is even more important. In contrast to the Angel saddles, the Archtech arrangement on the ebike saddle is situated to allow the saddle to flex outwardly. When leaning through corners, this allows the saddle to adapt to the rider more quickly, keeping the rider comfortable and stable in the saddle. While road cyclists tend to move around on their saddle more, ebike riders are more likely to stay stationary on their saddle, thus the need for the saddle to do more to compensate for body weight movements through corners. For this reason also, the saddle features non-slip gripping on the top of the saddle to keep the rider in place.

The ebike saddle will appeal to riders who are not happy with the low-spec options that are often found on retail bikes, and would like something to make their daily riding more comfortable and enjoyable. As with all Velo Saddles, the level of workmanship means the saddle will last for a long time, and hold up to the kind of wear that is expected of a bike that’s ridden in all weather conditions.

For 15 million cyclists a year, Velo feels right

Velo Enterprise began with one woman’s vision to create perfect saddles for all types of demanding cyclists. In 1979, Stella Yu founded Velo Enterprise Co., Ltd. with the goal of meeting the individual needs of every cyclist. Velo now looks back at over 35 years of consistent development and learning from this experience. The company is proud to be among the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high-quality saddles, grips and handlebar tapes, confirming that, “For 15 million cyclists a year, one brand just feels right!” Driven by a constant pursuit of success, Velo uses its expertise to tailor all of its products to different types of cyclists, including recreational riders, passionate cycling enthusiasts and for professional BMX or mountain bike needs as well. Velo is distributed in the US by Quality Bicycle Products, BTI, KHS Bicycles, and Action Bicycle.