LEGGY cycling star Victoria Pendleton has claimed that she isn’t like the usual sportswoman and is vulnerable and emotional most of the time.

Victoria Pendleton reveals the fastest legs in cycling /GregWilliams courtesy of Esquire

Pendleton showed off her gold medal credentials as she prepares for next month’s Olympics in a sultry photo shoot for Esquire Magazine.

Victoria, 31, swapped her Lycra shorts for a revealing pink dress and fish net tights.

She admitted: “People say as a sportsperson, you shouldn’t reveal your weaknesses. You shouldn’t come across as vulnerable. But I am vulnerable. I am emotional. What’s wrong with that?

“As long as my legs are faster than the other girls’ and I hold my sh*t together, it doesn’t matter.”The reigning sprint champion admitted that she had suffered a lot of abuse since announcing her relationship with her now fiancee Scott Gardner.

She said: “I honestly left the Olympics [Bejing Games] feeling like I’d committed a crime, like I’d killed somebody.”

Victoria Pendleton shows off her figure / Greg Williams

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