David Brailsford, team principal of Sky, thinks Bradley Wiggins will face a challenging winter. The Britton winner of the Tour de France and Olympic time trial gold will need to deal with all the attention, according to Brailsford.

“Most people, when they win something that they’ve really wanted, a big major, career defining victory, the period after that is difficult,” Brailsford toldThe Associated Press.

“Bradley will get pulled this winter from award ceremonies to media things to all the things that normally aren’t there in life,” he said. “He will inevitably get asked to do a lot of that this winter. And the challenge with a lot of guys who hit a peak, they go through all of that and while everyone else is training really, really hard, they’re not. Not because they don’t want to, it’s just difficult to fit it all in.”

Source: Shimano Newsroom