The Refined & Effortless Experience Of Riding A Gazelle

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 — For over 125 years Gazelle Bikes has revolutionized the way people approached transportation and helped shape a culture.  For any company, that is a very long time, but for a bicycle manufacturing company, that is a dynasty. Over that time they’ve never lost sight of their core values and have stuck to their true identity of creating a bike purely for the enjoyment of the ride.  Today, Gazelle Bikes produce some of the most relevant bicycles on the market, not in for performance & sport, but for what Gazelle believes to be the bicycles primary function, a means of transportation. The Gazelle Brand is a symbol of urban self-sufficiency, commuting in leisure and recreation.


The Tour Populair is the model that marked the start of Gazelle’s history – and in some respects the history of the bike as a popular means of urban transportation. This bike won the hearts of the Dutch over 125 years ago and still has people falling in love today. The classic eye-catching design and black glossy paint give the bike a clean and simple feel that transcends generations. Whether it’s the 19th, 20th, or 21st century, the Tour Populair is seen on city corners across the world and is here for a good reason.

Gazelle Bikes is one of the largest and oldest bicycle manufacturers in the Netherlands and was born from a transportation revolution that took hold of urban dwellers in the late 1800’s. The “Bicycle Craze” was sparked by innovative designs within the industry that made bicycles safer and more comfortable to ride on. This safety and comfort factor is integral to the design of the Tour Populair, which allows for a relaxed upright seating position that is well suited for urban commuting and riding. Even today, the Tour Populair proves that a well thought out design can transcend generations, relentless change and become more relevant as time progresses.

Today, Gazelle designs and manufactures all their bikes with the Gazelle’s signature classic look. Their models include recreational & hybrid bikes for mixed terrain, city bikes designed for comfort and reliability, and their new line of innovative eBikes, that are once again putting Gazelle at the forefront in the evolution of the bike. The Royal Dutch Gazelle Bicycle company has won numerous awards with their bicycles and is a proven market leader. And by utilizing their rich history the people of Gazelle truly encourage everyone to get on a bike and Enjoy the Ride.