KUALA LUMPUR: Beginning today, city dwellers will be able to bring full-sized bicycles on board the Kelana Jaya, Ampang and Sri Petaling Line LRTs on the first and third Sundays of the month.

Rapid Rail chief executive officer Datuk Zohari Sulaiman said they would be allowed to bring the two-wheeler with them from 6am to 10am, in support of the KL Car Free Morning programme.

Previously, people were only allowed to carry folding bikes onto the LRT, monorail, and MRT during off-peak hours on Monday to Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

“This step will facilitate participants of the ‘KL Free Car Morning’. Now they do not have to bring a car into the city to conserve the environment, and reduce carbon emissions in the air,” he said during a press conference after the launch of the ‘Bike and Ride’ initiative, today.

He said studies conducted via Twitter’s MyRapidKL site showed 80 percent of the people supported the move to allow full-sized bicycles to be brought onto LRTs, while the remaining 20 percent was neutral.

“If the trial stage is successful, and users comply with the conditions set out, we will consider extending the programme to other days, and for a longer period of time, before it is implemented with other services,” he said.

Zohari said a series of riding simulations were held with cooperation from the Prasarana Cycling Club and Land Public Transport Commission to ensure the safety of passengers and smoothness of train operations.

“They need to make sure that bringing the bicycles on board does not pose a risk, or discomfort to other passengers, as well to ensure that the bicycle is clean and safely transported without damaging Rapid KL assets,” he said.

Zohari said the initiative was to expand its ‘target segment’ by attracting cyclists, thereby increasing the number of passengers, in line with the government’s desire to achieve 40 percent equity share of public transportation (four in 10 people taking public transport) by 2030. –Bernama

Guideline for Bringing Bikes On-board Trains

  1. Non-foldable and foldable bikes are permitted. The length and height should be no more than 200cm long and 120cm high.
  2. Cyclist under the age of 12 must be accompanied by adults when bringing permitted bike types onto the train.
  3. Bikes should be safely attended by the cyclist at all times.
  4. Cyclist shall enter and exit through the wide-aisle gate.
  5. When boarding or leaving the train, cyclist are reminded to use extreme caution to avoid bumping into others passengers.
  6. Cyclist shall allow other passengers to board and exit the train first.
  7. Priority to use the elevators shall be given to people with disabilities.
  8. Every passenger is allowed to carry one permitted bike at any time.
  9. Cyclist with non-foldable bikes must wait by the specified doors, as shown behind (yellow boxes)
  10. Cycling is strictly prohibited inside the trains and stations at all times.
  11. Ensure that bikes are clean and free from mud and grease.
  12. Cyclist shall be held responsible for any damage caused to Rapid KL.
Rapid KL may refuse entry to passenger with permitted bike if it may cause inconvenience to other passengers or affecting train operations.