Budding athlete Christian Jackson was determined to improve on his second Power Kids 2018 duathlon race.

At first, the idea of going into another Power Kids challenge was a scary prospect, but when I started training in my neighbourhood park, it was tedious but wasn’t awfully difficult too do.

In my training, I jogged 2 km to train for long distance and attended a cycling training at a cycling studio called “Cycology” which held an actual Power Kids simulation.

I also did a simulation on my own by jogging around the lake at my park, then cycling three rounds on my bicycle, followed by another one round of jogging. This was tough, awful exercise cocktail of something rather close to the actual thing but the end, necessary.

Christian Jackson (left) with his parents at Powerman Malaysia 2018.

On the morning of the actual race, I was extremely nervous about the event. My strategy was to sprint at the start and slowly descend into jogging and then race walk when I was tired along the first 1.2km run. This strategy worked extremely well in the simulation, but didn’t work as great in the actual thing, sadly enough.

Last year, I had planned to jog in my first Power Kids race, but was surprised when everyone sprinted at the start. I panicked which then cost me a lot of energy in the run.

After running for an EXCRUCIATING amount of time, I hopped on my bike and was able to relax slightly along the 3km cycling route.

It was a nice break from running, even though both the sports required the legs as a main limb.

En route to the finish line on the last run leg.

When I got back to running, the cold water handed out by the marshall was an oasis in a desert to me.

As I saw the finishing line, I summoned all my remaining strength and sprinted to finish the final 1.2km run. It was a great feeling to finish, overall I had a good experience and I challenge other people to give it a try.

More about the budding athlete

Christian Jackson – 12 years old, is a millennial and by extension, a complete alien. There is little known about him, other than that he likes comedy and despises orange cats.