Malaysia’s air quality took a dive today as the World Air Quality Index recorded an alarming 234AQI at 2:50PM today,  16 September 2019, placing the country with the 7th most polluted air quality globally.

Worse hit locations:

  • Kuching: 234AQI
  • Kuala Lumpur: 194AQI
  • Shah Alam: 162AQI
  • Nilai : 158AQI
  • Banting: 155AQI
  • Cheras: 154AQI
  • Klang: 154AQI
  • Petaling Jaya: 150AQI
  • Sarikei: 150AQI
  • Sibu: 134AQI
  • Melaka: 123AQI

We’d advise you to get on your indoor trainer or join an indoor cycling class today to avoid outdoor training.

Stay up-to-date on Malaysia’s air quality with real-time readings from the World Air Quality Index website.

Note: Malaysia’s measuring standard is based on Pollutant Standards Index or PSI