It’s so comfortable!

That was the first impression I had when I first tried the Kova Eco Tri Blend Crew Tee. The bland appearance may be deceiving but this T-shirt is something you’ll want to have in your daily essential wear.

You wouldn’t know it immediately, but this Kova Sports t-shirt is made from recycled plastic bottles in an effort to save our planet. It makes you look classy, and this will be your pledge towards reducing plastic waste and #sustainablefashion. 

Great for everyday use; workouts, casual and even maybe an undergarment/base layer t-shirt. The material clings to your body just like a second skin, but not too tight either.

Best yet, for a person that spends a lot of time outdoors, this Kova tshirt is perfect as sweat will evaporate fast without leaving any sense of clinginess. And if you’re indoors inside an air condition room, it provides just the right amount of warmth to keep you comfy.

The same applies when you’re working out too. Heavy sweating is not an issue and when it dries up; doesn’t leave an unpleasant smell. The shirt is so flexible and versatile. From yoga to heavy lifting; this shirt does the job to keep you on the go!

The versatility of the shirt is so amazing that I used it for my travels. Hand washing is an ease and it dries up quickly. Say goodbye to heavy travel luggage!

More about the author

Andrew Hsien started his fitness journey in the mid 2000s as a gym rat. Gradually over the years, he transitioned into running (from short distances to marathons) and currently delving in triathlons mostly. His passion for this particular sport has brought him into working in the sports event industry and he loves every minute of it.