As of today, 6:10PM 12 September 2019, the World Air Quality Index ( stated that Malaysia is the 14th most polluted in air quality globally with a reading of 155AQI, trailing behind UAE (158AQI) and Chile (155AQI).  

Locations that have exceeded 100AQI in Malaysia are:
1) Sri Aman, Sarawak: 150AQI
2) Kuala Lumpur: 118AQI
3) Kuala Selangor: 136AQI
4) Shah Alam: 127AQI
5) Klang: 123AQI
6) Putrajaya: 120AQI
7) Nilai: 115AQI
8) Petaling Jaya: 119AQI
9) Ipoh: 104AQI
10) Balik Pulau, Penang: 132AQI
11) Seremban: 112AQI
12) Tangkak: 110AQI

Stay up-to-date on Malaysia’s air quality with real-time readings from the World Air Quality Index website.

If you are planning to cycle today, perhaps hop on your trainer or join an indoor training to avoid the haze. Remember to always stay hydrated too!

Note: Malaysia’s measuring standard is based on Pollutant Standards Index or PSI